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Cathleen has appeared on the following television shows, promoting "Cathleen Whitelow Jewels":

"The Spiritual View"
December 1, 2004 (will air live on this date)
Will also air throughout the month of December in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

"700 Club"
Fall 2004

"Good Morning Texas"
(WFAA-TV/ABC Dallas/Ft. Worth morning news show)
Spring 2003

(WFAA-TV/ABC Dallas/Ft. Worth television newsmagazine)
Winter 1999, Fall 2001 and Fall 2002

(KDFW-TV/Fox Dallas/Ft. Worth television newsmagazine)
Fall 2001

"The Oprah Winfrey Show"
Spring 2000

The following articles have been written about Cathleen and her jewelry design business:

"Ft. Worth Business Assistance Center"
January 2004

"Dallas Business Journal"
October 2003

The following book author has written about Cathleen and her jewelry design business being a part of the Lord's Purpose for her life:

"Listen to Your Life"
Valorie Burton, author

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